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Mark Pukita is 62 and embarrassed. Embarrassed that we, adults, have let education become a train wreck of indoctrination, low expectations, and dependency. Education should free people and make them independent. It should create great, critical-thinking, self-sufficient, moral and ethical Americans who lead our country and the world.

 We need to act federally and locally.


 In Ohio, education is mostly controlled by local school boards that mostly consist of five members. This year, most boards have three of their five members up for election, but some districts differ. We need to take back school boards in Ohio now. This year. Mark Pukita is proud to support the “Contract with the District” initiative that seeks to get school board candidates and members on the record as to how they stand on the key issues that will come before them and are indicators of their commitment to academic excellence free of all the distraction and garbage.

The process is simple:

  1. Download and print copies of the “Contract with the District" (see the button at top of the screen).
  2. Ask your school board members and candidates to sign it using the full or opt-in version.
  3. If they will, great. But each one who refuses to even respond needs to be defeated at the ballot box on November 2, 2021, or the next time they are up for election.


Watch Chris Hicks with Chris Dorr of “Ohio Gun Owners” explaining the “Contract with the District” on June 29, 2021:

Watch EmpowerU’s “Running for School Board in Ohio” with Tom Hach, Dan Regenold, Branden Shea, and Chris Hick on July 1, 2021:

Watch Mark Pukita present at the State Board of Educaiton:


At the federal level, Mark Pukita is for abolishing the Department of Education. Some of his beliefs on education are summarized in his DISRUPT Agenda under “Instill values in education to create a great next generation of Americans of all races and creeds.”

  • Stop a culture that creates ignorant, indoctrinated, dependent, entitled sheep and restore a system that produces smart, critical-thinking, independent, self-reliant patriots.
  • Outlaw CRT and 1619.
  • Embrace positive diversity.
  • Stop comprehensive sex education and a sexual identity agenda.
  • Teach hard work, equality before the law, equal opportunity, citizenship and personal responsibility
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