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Why I’m Running

  • We're the greatest country on Earth. Forces of evil are destroying America. I can't let that happen.
  • I've lived the American dream. My grandchildren and yours won't have that opportunity if we don't turn this country around.
  • I will speak for people afraid they'll be canceled, their kids will be bullied, or they'll lose their jobs if they speak out.
  • I want to fix our broken America. With your help, we can do it.
Mark Pukita

Meet Mark

Mark is a successful entrepreneur who has embodied hard work done right his entire life. In 1996, he started a company, Fast Switch, with only $1,000. That small investment created thousands of good paying jobs.

Mark earned his success and will again. His life is a testimony to the value of focus and accomplishment. He is the American Dream and is mad as hell that a rudderless government and a chaotic culture are now blocking honest citizens from living their American Dream.

Mark grew up on the east coast and moved to Ohio in 1976. He has a degree with honors from The Ohio State University. Mark lives in Dublin, is a proud grandparent to two grandsons, and wants Ohio families to be proud to raise their children and grandchildren here.

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Mark’s Agenda

Let’s beat the swamp with real policy, no more empty promises from phonies who play us for fools.

Mark is a 100% Constitutional Conservative. His BIG-7 DISRUPT Agenda focuses on the biggest issues on which he commits to making a real change, no more empty promises from Washington insiders. Mark Pukita’s BIG-7 DISRUPT Agenda is clear, concise and 10x the conservatism of the SWAMP-ortunists candidates.

  1. DEFEND America from enemies, both foreign and domestic.
  2. INSTILL values in education to create a great next generation of Americans of all races and creeds.
  3. SAVE personal liberty.
  4. RESTORE morality and ethics with an all-out attack on the swamp, deep state and big tech.
  5. UNITE all in an “America First” vision from Washington D.C. to Main Street.
  6. PROTECT government of, for, and by the people, starting with our elections.
  7. TRANSFORM a government culture of entitlement, endless expansion, waste, fraud, abuse, and dependency.

We Are Americans,
We Love Outsiders

Mark Pukita is standing up as a Citizen Candidate against goliaths with millions of out-of-state and PAC dollars- and life-long establishment political resumes.

Get on board and join Mark in making a real change for Ohio and for our country. Mark is real person with the vision, talent, and focus to make a real difference in the lives of all Ohioans. We cannot wait. We need to take back our country NOW. Please join us and consider making a contribution today!